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frequently asked questions

Asked and answered! 

When and how to book?  

Opening of reservations online:
- For group classes throughout the 2019/2020 season: Monday, October 14, 2019
- For private holidays Christmas / New Year 2019: Sunday, November 24, 2019
- For private lessons holidays of February / March 2020: Sunday January 12, 2020

Can parents watch their children at the Club Piou-Piou?

Stay “hidden” behind a slalom gate if you want to watch your child: it’s human, but bare in mind that your little one will recognise you sooner or later and it might affect their learning abilities or trigger some fears and therefore take away their wants to stay with friends!

Better to ask what happened at the end of the lesson.

We have your phone number (to give at the office) and in case of emergency or if your child is really sad, we will contact you in no time.

Will my child receive a medal?

On Fridays, we evaluate. Every child will receive a medal by one of our instructor to finish the week on a positive note.

Are private lessons a good option for beginners?

In numerous cases, private lessons are very helpful to beginners as they help children vanquish their natural apprehension to glide.

I have two children, can they share the same private lesson?

Yes, private lessons can welcome several people but it is important to know that they are less efficient and children need to have the same level so that they can make progress at the same pace.

Does ESF lend equipment?

No, you need to bring the adequate equipment to the lessons you have chosen.

I have never skied before. Can I try Snowboard lessons?

Yes. These are two completely different disciplines and it is possible to start snowboarding without having skied before.

Do we need to wear protections?

We strongly recommend to wear a helmet.
In snowboard and for the beginners, we also recommend to wear wrist guards and padded shorts.

Are snowshoe outings open to everyone?

Except if you have health issues, snowshoe outings are open to everyone from 7 years old (children need to be accompanied by an adult).

What should I wear for snowshoe outings?

Hiking boots are the best equipment. Snow boots are however accepted (but no snowboard boots which are too stiff or ‘Moon Boots’ which are too large). Equipment is not included, please come with your own snow boots or hiking boots!
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