ESF Gerardmer
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Your instructor 

Half-day or full day

So you can really discover at your own pace the whole ski area

Have fun on the slopes of Gérardmer with our instructors at ESF for a half-day or a full day

You choose whatever discipline you want, just for yourself or with a small group (of the same level). 

These long lessons are the perfect opportunity to improve your technique in the discipline you want so you can make incredible progress. 
Horaires et Tarifs
PEriods & Timetable
Any day
Throughout the whole season
from 15/12/2018 to 31/03/2019
TimetableThroughout the whole season
7 days9am - 5:30pm
Times can change depending on instructor's available, for more information contact the ESF
Your instructor
Any day
Individual PricePrice
 4 hours  165€
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  • 237 chemin de la Rayée - 88400 Gérardmer